Project by: 

Sai Lahari Bommakanti, Radhesh Ganti Mahapatruni,

High Concept Statement: 

Uber for NYU Logistics


Android Phone



Need or Demand:

We know that there are a lot of employees who call NYU Mail Services for scheduling a pickup at various times of the day. The driver once left on a route has no updated information regarding the new pickup until someone calls him or he checks his pickup list when he returns to the office. For example, lets say, greg left at 10:00 AM for pick up at Bobst, Kimmel, Stern, Tisch, while he was at Kimmel, say at around 10:30, say Ana from bobst called NYU Mail services and scheduled for a pickup. Now Ana has to wait till afternoon in order to get her packages picked up.

Product / Service / Solution:

This need gap can be shortened with real time information to employees regarding the driver location and the availability for pickup. Ana can directly contact greg regarding the package. I believe the fuel consumption, time delay can be greatly reduced. The image uploaded is a sample screen of how users can locate the drivers(red dots) location

Value Proposition:

This will help in reducing delays for pickup, saving money, effective utilization of labor and providing better service.


There are no competitors in the market

Revenue Model:

We are planning on charging $1.99 for the app