Project by: 

Anantha Natarajan Selvaganapathy; Arjun Muthuvelu; Varun Koundinya

High Concept Statement: 

Personal productivity guru


Android Phone



Need or Demand:

Every new phone we buy comes with in-built productivity apps like a calendar and a to-do list. Today over 100 million people use these apps but it turns out only 1% of them actually leverage these app for their ‘essential’ everyday planning. At the same time procrastination and lack of general productivity are steadily increasing. Studies have shown that the number of procrastinators have grown by four times in the last 30 years to 20% of the total population. This problem is even more prevalent with millennials and the Gen-z crowd as around 80% of university students are found to be procrastinators. Why is this happening? With the rise of the internet, smartphones and other technology in general, sources of distractions have risen. Many different apps are coming up to fight this fall in productivity. But integrating all the different productivity apps is becoming a task in itself, not to mention that they just don’t motivate their users to get stuff done. We see an opportunity to correct this.

Product / Service / Solution:

We believe these problem can be solved by providing the user with a platform which integrates the user’s to-do list and calendar and uses the power of artificial intelligence to learn from user behaviour. Alfred is a conversational bot, which helps you manage time effectively by suggesting a (when) date/time for tasks (what) from your to-do list. Apart from intelligent scheduling, is also location aware. will be aware of the user’s current location via GPS, and suggests the user of related, pending tasks(eg. buy groceries, refill gas) that could be completed now. will also provide users with features to prioritize tasks, track progress and increase accountability. Over time, with the help of artificial intelligence, will learn from the user’s habits, tasks and time management and start making intelligent suggestions for to-dos, tasks and remind the user of certain repeated tasks(like laundry, paying rent, etc), even without user involvement.

Value Proposition:

A one-stop-shop for all of your productivity needs, using an A.I powered conversational bot that learns from your behaviour and gets to know your habits better than yourself, helping you get all your work done, leading to a happier and more fruitful life.


There are lots of calendar apps out in the market like Google Calendar, iCloud Calendar, etc. Also, there are plenty of to-do apps such as Todoist, Google Keep,, that are common among smartphone users. To reach optimal productivity, both of these apps must have a symbiotic relationship. But, in today’s market they usually don’t. Syncing tasks between the above two apps becomes a tedious task for consumers which leads to a large amount of turnover of the users.
We at believe that time is a resource that should not be wasted in this integration process. Integration can be achieved seamlessly with the help of AI. At the same time, our app will provide useful feedback metrics and learn from the user’s behaviour, leading to better suggestions and improved user experience. Also, through our conversational bot, which has your productivity in mind, we want to make the process of self-growth and productivity a fun, and interactive experience.

Existing apps capture tasks (descriptions, priority, deadlines) and time schedule (calendars, reminders) from users but do not help schedule the tasks themselves automatically. There are no AI powered productivity apps on the market currently.

Revenue Model:

Freemium, with in-app advertising.
Users will have free access to the core functionality of the app-access to’s chat interface, and certain basic features. Free users will be served targeted ads.
The app will also contain a few premium, proprietary features which the users can access through a one time payment.