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NYU affiliation: Arts and Sciences

NYU status: Undergraduate

Did you enter last year?: No

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Concept Name

Art Space Max


High Concept Statement

Airbnb+WeWork for Artists


Status Quo

Freelancers (especially photographers) constantly seek creative spaces: studios, rooftops, etc. Yet signing a one-year-lease seems too pricey. Meanwhile, art spaces’ usage is not maximised; many are left empty after business hours. I attempt to build a platform to match the demand of freelancers to abundant resources of galleries and more.



Freelancers build up networks with existing gallery owners or seek supports from their personal friends. But often they have to go back and forth comparing the prices and space conditions; they waste time negotiating rather than creating artworks. My primary competition is space-sharing platforms like Airbnb. But filtering down to ideal art spaces cost time and energy. Another competition comes from established studios with artist-in-residence programs to provide the support networks artist needed.



My platform compiles short-term art space rental information that freelancers direly need. It fosters friendships and cross-genre collaborations between freelancers and space owners, who often share similar passions. Freelancers save time and money. Owners of art space also could cut down some operational costs and even discover some talented freelancers.


Revenue Model

I charge a per-usage commission fee from freelancers as I want to attract a lot art space owners to get onboard. There will be mechanisms to reduce the rate and incentivise more freelancers (e.g. high rating score, referrals,  a discount if he/she is a monthly subscriber on our platform, etc)


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