Project by: 

Manning Qu;

High Concept Statement: 

An accessible  tool App that help people with disability(all kinds)navigate the city with delightful experience. Accessibility version of Yelp+Google map.





Need or Demand:

I found out from my design research: one of five of elderly citizen have mobility issues, not to mention people who are physically challenged. But the public transportation are far from accessible right now. People in wheelchairs really need to find out which metro station has elevators, accessible bathrooms and ramps that they can use. But there is no such App or website do this for them. What’s more, mobility is not the only disability that bothers so many people. Many are blind or with low vision. Apps that designed for us is painful for users who use screen readers as there are too much information. People with disabilities need to navigate in the city with no barriers independently. We got to provide this dignity to them! Anything that with barriers, is not the user’s fault, but the designer’s fault.

Product / Service / Solution:

This App would take all kinds of need from different groups (Mobility issue, low vision/blind, hearing problem, autism spectrum/developmental disabilities )into consideration, providing people with disabilities a user-friendly navigating tool that list only the useful information to help them enjoy the city. Including public transportation info and places to go.(Museums, theaters,restaurants that are friendly to accessibility) And encourage the community to rate the accessibility of the places, to build up their confidence navigating the city.

Value Proposition:

It will remove barriers from everyday life of people with disabilities. While they become more confident and independent, other people could also benefit from this App: people with baby carriage,suitcase and the elderly. Have the community rate the accessibility of each place, would also help improve the overall accessibility of the society.


Google map. They could easily include accessibility functions into their App. But I believe adding features to existing application is not as good as design specifically for the group. In this product, all the useless and disruptive information would be remove for the ‘easy-to-use’ goal.

Revenue Model:

By introducing business providers(hotel, restaurants, movie theater etc.) with good accessibility design. Commercials for products related to people with disability. We have quite a big market: 1. Nearly 40 percent of people age 65 and older had at least one disability, according to a U.S. Census Bureau report 2.Low vision and Blindness among adults in the USA (2013): 7,327,800 3.About 2.5 to 3 million people in the U.S. have epilepsy.