Project by: 

Amy Margolis

High Concept Statement: 

We use technology to share so much about ourselves with each other online; but, how do we actually use this info to strengthen our in-person relationships? Wouldn’t it be great to become ‘that person’ who always remembers the important little details about others, and who is the Best Guest at every party?





Need or Demand:

How many times have you been invited to someone’s home and wanted to bring a nice bottle of wine, but you can’t remember if they prefer red or white? Or, you thoughtfully bought cupcakes to celebrate a friend’s birthday, but then think – wasn’t she the friend who recently stopped eating gluten?
We’re all so busy – it’s hard to keep track of everything.
We casually collect bits and pieces of data over time about our loved ones’ preferences, what they enjoy, and what is important to them. But, we need a way to aggregate that data in a more structured way and leverage it as more usable information.

Product / Service / Solution:

Best Guest leverages technology to reconnect with people on a very personal level. It is old school manners built on new school technology.

Best Guest enables you to input important information about your friends, relatives, and colleagues so that your future interactions are more tailored and special. As desired, the app can integrate relevant data from social media inputs (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn) or other apps (Delectable, Vivino).

For example, Best Guest will help you remember your friends and family’s:
• Preferences for food or beverage (type of wine, beer, liquor, coffee)
• Allergies or dietary restrictions
• Favorite flower, restaurant, spa, brand, activity
• Birthdays
• Recent Accomplishments (New job; new pet; new apartment)
• Milestones or Anniversaries
• Upcoming travels
Other features include:
• Links to sites providing ideas for gifts (eg Dean & Deluca; AHALife, Real Simple; Red Envelope)
• Ability to catalog past gifts given, to avoid repeats
• Automated reminders to send thank you notes, birthday cards or gifts

Value Proposition:

The Best Guest app will help you be a better, more thoughtful friend and guest, by aggregating and organizing important details about your friends’ lives in a simple, elegant and actionable way.


There are no direct competitors from an app perspective, though this concept includes elements from Outlook and other contact management applications (eg SyncME, Cloze), as well as productivity/to-do apps.

Other non-technology solutions that could be considered alternatives, are ones such as handwritten notes or a ‘Little Black Book’

Revenue Model:

Best Guest will be free to download, to drive adoption. Revenue will come from:
• In-App Purchases or Partnerships
• Product placements/endorsements
• Targeted paid advertising (minimal)