Project by: Monika Leszczynska, Marcin Leszczynski

High Concept Statement: 

Find buddies and information for your next biking adventure!


Android Phone



Need or Demand:

We believe there are people who would like to go for a bike tour but do not have a buddy. They might be afraid of biking alone or just want to have a companion. Their immediate friends might not be fond of long-distance biking, which now prevents them from going for a trip. They might also have a need for receiving more information about bike routes (conditions of the road, difficult sections, best camping locations, last store before next 100-200 km, etc.). This is particularly important if they are going to remote places. Additionally, they might have a desire to meet other bikers on their way to share most up-to-date experiences about their tour.

Product / Service / Solution:

We believe these needs can be fulfilled by providing an app that will allow bikers to share their planned routes. Once they draw their intended route and enter the dates of the trip, they will be matched with other bikers who would like to bike together or just meet on the road and share experience. Importantly, bikers will also have a possibility to flag the most important events they encountered on the way and search for information provided by other bikers.

Value Proposition:

The #1 value customers want to derive from this solution includes finding a bike tour buddy and plan a bike trip together. Customers will be able to communicate with bikers that are planning a similar route. It would be possible to connect with them to exchange up-to-date information, go together or to join for only a part of the tour. Thanks to BikeSpot this will be possible without the time-consuming search through the message boards or fora. Without starting an own blog, bikers will also have an opportunity to share their experiences through flagging on a map things such as great spots for camping or the last store within next 200 km, particularly difficult or dangerous passes. Other bikers could profit from this information when planning own trips.


There are applications such as Strava, Bikemap or komoot that focus mostly on navigation, tracking and sharing routes. Others, such as Bike Computer allows you finding friends who are biking now in the city. Backpackr helps you to find travel buddies but is targeted only to backpackers. Our app will be designed specifically for long-distance bicycle touring. It will help not only to plan, track and share the route itself but also to find a bike buddy for a bike tour. Additionally, bikers could plan their trip by exchanging information with other users who have been on a similar route. Distinct icons will be used to flag stores, camping spots, difficult sections (e.g. extremely uneven road surface or missing bridge) on the map. There will be filters available that will allow to see on the map only information that the user is looking for (e.g. only road conditions).

Revenue Model:

We will use a featured/partnerships advertising model to make money. Long-distance bike touring freaks are often looking for new special gear. One way to make money with this app would be to partner with companies offering products such as bike paniers or camping gear and let them advertise their products in the app.