Project by: 

Joe Lin; Francesca Olivo; Garce Chang

High Concept Statement: 

LinkedIn, Branded.Me, Udemy and Angie’s List for blue collared workers (e.g. plumbers, miners, waiter staff, etc.)


Android Phone



Need or Demand:

We believe there is a need to help blue collared workers deal with the transitioning job market.  The recent election is validation of a real problem (especially the Rust Belt).  This includes finding income opportunities and developing skills for career transitions.  We also believe small business are struggling to find reliable, capable trade people to fill specific needs.  Finally, many of the available resources (including government sponsored resources are utilized).

Product / Service / Solution:

We believe the current job search platforms (like LinkedIn, Glassdoor, etc.) are geared towards white-collared workers.  The few apps that provide blue-collared workers job search functionality are niche and don’t have scale because of a narrow focus.

A platform that provides for workers to be rated on the work and for people to job match based on skills targeted by industry will improve the job search market.  Additionally, training resources will help with career transitions.

Value Proposition:

Help blue collared workers find income and help small businesses find reliable, capable trade resources.


Current solutions are not designed for blue-collared workers.  This makes it very difficult for small trade businesses to post job opportunities and find qualified candidates.  It does not address the key concerns of most small business, which tend to focus on specific tasks rather than specific roles.

Revenue Model:

Subscription model for small business.  Functionality upgrades for job seekers.  Service referral fees for career transitions.