Project by: Nora Mumba, Bennie Randall,

High Concept Statement: 

Buoy is a comprehensive digital fitness system. The app gathers individuals who are interested in exploring various fitness activities with likeminded members within their communities and guides them towards their fitness goals with flexible programs.




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Need or Demand:

“Losing weight” or otherwise “leading a healthier lifestyle” is one of the most common goals people set. While people tend to be highly motivated within the first few weeks or months, the enthusiasm for it usually tapers off. What’s missing? A solid support system. Numerous medical professionals have attested to the positive correlation between improved fitness and a workout buddy. Additionally, studies such as “the 2011 study published in Psychology of Sport and Exercise have found that the exercise habits of people you know have a positive influence on your exercise habits” (Exercise Life). The app serves to meet the need to create this support system.

Product / Service / Solution:

The app works in 4 parts: Workout Buddy Finder – Match up with people within your area who have similar fitness goals and interests. The app also seeks to pair people who have compatible lifestyles and personalities so that each pairing feels as natural as possible. By pairing personal compatibility with fitness motivation, each member will be encouraged to hold one another accountable and to challenge each other towards success. Regimen Creator – The app will also create a database of exercises. This database can be used either to help each pair create customized workout regimes with a set goal in mind, or can provide preexisting regimens by sport to explore. Class Deal Finder – Users will be able to see what classes are nearby to try out with their partner. Fitness tracker – Log your workouts and keep track of your physical progress over time.

Value Proposition:

Buoy provides the most comprehensive social fitness support system on the market.


The fitness market is a multi-billion dollar industry. In an effort to get “a piece of the pie”, numerous companies have been created. Buoy’s competitors include workout buddy apps (ie: Well squad and workout buddy), fitness how to apps (ie: Fitness buddy), social platforms (ie: Meet Up), personal trainers, video or streaming fitness services (ie: Daily Burn or Jillian Michaels DVDs), and Fitness trackers (ie:Nike Run). Buoy seeks to bring all of the functionalities provided by these individual options onto a singular platform.

Revenue Model:

Lite version – Users are given access to view and manually match up with other users in their area along with the Fitness tracker logs. Full version – Buoy takes each user’s profile information and gives a series of members who they would pair best with. Users will also have access to the app’s customized regimen creator, class deals, and fitness logs.