Project by: Wazermes Helmi, Tommy Qiu, Marquis Velazquez

High Concept Statement: 

Once you open the app and make a account, you will be asked a series of questions that define how much at risk you are at growing cancer. After answering the questions, you will be given a pie chart, showcasing an estimate percentage of your vulnerability and likelihood of getting cancer. These questions will be asked monthly to update your chart to show if you have shown improvements or have gotten worse. Also, the user will be able to press on the pie chart and see exactly why they got the percentage that they got. For example, if you are an avid smoker it will have percentage piece in the pie. The user will be able to press on that specifically and see exactly how smoking is cancerous by explaining through scientific fact.




Health & Fitness

Need or Demand:

Cancer is a problem that must be addressed by all, and through education and knowledge of the disease, we can eradicate it together. By learning possible cancerous habits that you might possess through our app.

Product / Service / Solution:

Currently a lot if things can give you cancer. Most of the foods we eat, the drink we drink, the air we breathe carry cancer genic properties. Every electronic device that needs Wi-Fi or other waves of radiation to function can help the growth of cancer. With this app, people of the world can monitor themselves, educate themselves on what’s cancer genic. Since many people are oblivious to the fact that Cellular phones expose you to radiation. And if not taken into moderation, it will help create cancer cells. With this innovation, we can prevent cancer in the current and oncoming generations by giving them facts through an interesting and technological way, something these generations will appreciate. For people, have become a bit lazy in researching these proven facts about cancer, so with this app we can help them learn and answer their curiosity on how healthy they are. Instead of just living on assumption.

Value Proposition:

The idea of living a healthy lifestyle and living longer is becoming a more popular ideology. It is something most humans want. And one of the history’s most notorious disease is cancer. Something that can be avoided and prevented. By just living a more careful lifestyle. Now most people want all the information they need in one spot. Saving you time and giving you important information about cancer, customized specifically to you, living long and avoiding cancer is a top mission on everyone’s list. A value that will always be high.


There isn’t any app that customizes you a pie chart from a series of questions about your potential cancerous habits. Also, giving you detailed reasons why you’re running the risk of growing cancer cells

Revenue Model:

Through ad space, and sponsorship deals with various health clinics, hospitals, any health facility that works with cancer treatment. Having huge cancers run, events, and donation parties. Taking some percentages of donations for funding more events and more