Name: David  Lin

NYU affiliation: School of Professional Studies

NYU status: Graduate

Did you enter last year?: Yes

Do you have any teammates?: No

How many, including yourself?:


Concept Name



High Concept Statement

Business Card 2.0 (Connect through NFC)


Status Quo

27 million business card is printed everyday and 88% of those are thrown away. Use one card to give and accept and save everything through phone app.



Imagine that time you sat in a networking roundtable, that awkward moment when everyone passes business cards. Business Card 2.0 will have a feature that once pressed, nearby phones with Cardnet app-enabled will receive that information. Within the app users can accept or decline to save in phone contact book. Furthermore, now we can include pictures, website, job title, and the place and time where the cards were exchanged.



Easy, fast, cost efficient, and organized. Old fashion business cards can be lost or take up space in wallets. Most of the time people forget to bring business card or not enough to distribute.


Revenue Model

Freemium Model


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