Project by: 

Ziwei Liao; Jasmine Tang

High Concept Statement: 

The first college education app in China





Need or Demand:

We believe that college students in China have few access to contact and connect each other for both academia and extracurricular activities. We are budding an app to try to attract the college students in the whole China region onto the platform for studying and information sharing.

Product / Service / Solution:

We believe the need of information sharing and studying can be fulfilled by providing the platform and the medium for the connections. FB is banned in China and RenRen is now a dying platform; we will create a new platform that is concise, smart, enriched, interesting, and can easily connect the college students all over China. Primarily is for studying and information sharing. The platform provides the specific categories of classrooms to help ask/answer questions, and the platform also provide the basic information of extra-curricular activities or competitions to attract students’ attentions.

Value Proposition:

1. it will be the first education app for Chinese college students 2. it helps connect Chinese college students and build a strong bond 3. if succeeded it would create a huge platform and become valuable 4. it provides an opportunity for different education institution to invest in this platform. 5. it will create a legit educational platform and it will be a bridge connecting eastern and western educations.


Renren: the almost dying platform; rare people are using the app right now since it fails to connect people easily and keep them onto the platform. Our app is based on education, which will keep attracting not only students but also faculty, educational institutes, and all the high-level social class onto the platform and provides both social and education value for them.

Revenue Model:

its a free entry platform but we are charging the advertisement.