Project by:

Christian Miljkovic; Arjun Madgavkar

High Concept Statement: 

Chirp is the first streamlined subletting platform to use virtual reality technology to make the process faster and simpler than ever.





Need or Demand:

We believe there are people have a need for a secure and reliable subletting platform. Out of the 60 people we interviewed, 75% said it was extremely stressful and over 50% lost hundreds or thousands of dollars in the process. There are countless deceptive listings, communication is a mess, and frequently people go back on their commitments as soon as they find a higher bidder. This problem persists because communication is handled through third-party platforms, there is no form of commitment until the first payment is made. Even worse, pictures can easily be manipulated to give a false impression in the listing. For most people looking to find/list a sublet, this process is about as frustrating as they come, especially since the payment process is risky and searching for an apartment is very time-consuming. With Chirp this will no longer be the case.

Product / Service / Solution:

We believe these needs can be fulfilled by providing a platform that includes virtual reality for easy and immersive viewings. We will make every listing available instantly in order to stop people from leading potential buyers on in order to shop for the best price. In-app messaging, and in-app payment so that the user does not have to use multiple mediums to quickly secure a sublet. Then finally, the creation of a simple and secure contract so that users know that they won’t get scammed.

Value Proposition:

The #1 value customers want to derive from this solution is convenience and speed, whereas normally the process of subletting out your room or finding a sublet is extremely long and tedious.


Facebook, Craigslist, Airbnb, RoomZoom. Our solution would be preferred over the existing alternatives because they do not have any of the features we mentioned above and in the case of Airbnb and RoomZoom the prices of apartments are extraordinarily higher than what they should be, not to mention they do not have virtual reality integrated into their solution.

Revenue Model:

We would collect a small percentage off of the transaction between the “buyer” and “seller” of the apartment which is being sublet.