Project by: Arjun Gheewala

High Concept Statement: 

Cluster is the Fitbit for studying. Cluster allows students to quickly assess the availability of study space across campus. Through live displays of facility occupancy, available resources, and free bandwidth, students can manage their study time more efficiently. Along-side giving students real-time information about campus traffic, it allows them to create study presets that help them study smarter. Tangentially, Cluster also fosters smarter breaks. Students can quickly get curated music, guided meditation or even food/drinks that can encourage healthier, more valuable breaks.





Need or Demand:

Cluster addresses every major concern students encounter during studying. From the beginning of the student’s studying journey to the very end, Cluster is the solution. Students everywhere need a quicker way to find a study spot rather than manually scanning room after room, building after building. Beyond that, Cluster wants to solve a gaping void: a platform that is built with solely the intent to foster better, smarter studying.

Product / Service / Solution:

Cluster offers a mobile-based application that solves the issue of searching for a study space, but also introduces a platform that optimizes studying beyond that first step. The app has three main functions: map, study, and break. The map page gives students a live picture of how occupied campus facilities are. Users can browse spots and see their current occupancy, resources, and bandwidth status. Once they’ve found a spot, students can study alone or join/create a study session. By inviting their study buddies (think Facebook friends but Cluster friends), students can collaborate quickly and efficiently. As they begin studying, students can select a study preset that optimizes their music playlist, break schedules, and motivational messages based on the type of study (casual, focused, or aggressive). When break-time rolls around, students can opt to listen to relaxing music, meditate or explore nearby healthy food/drinks. The app saves study history to learn from each student’s most successful session and allows for students to revisit their past sessions.

Value Proposition:

This app will dramatically reduce wasted time during the studying process. The app is successful because it allows for: more focused studying, better time management, and happier students. This app also gives campuses the ability to utilize our data to optimize their study spots and resources. The information gathered from this app on a monthly basis can help a college get a better picture of how its campus moves; this is pivotal as colleges focus on budgeting and space allocation.


There are no competitors. At its core, Cluster makes the campus visible and more accessible. Some apps offer small solutions like study timers for students. However, no app provides a comprehensive suite of solutions for all students’ study needs.

Revenue Model:

Cluster’s revenue will come from two main projected sources: preferred vendor commissions and a premium platform. As mentioned, the break page will feature various places to get study conducive foods/drinks. But, another avenue for vendors to promote their establishments is as alternative (Cluster approved) study spots near campus. Vendors can pay to list their location/resources on our map. In the future, a premium version could be launched that introduces more services as well. The vendor commissions would be the immediate strategy, while a premium model could be developed further in the future. Universities could be another source of revenue if they participate in the monthly campus data service.