Name: Momachi Pabrai

NYU affiliation: Gallatin

NYU status: Undergraduate

Did you enter last year?: No

Do you have any teammates?: No

How many, including yourself?:


Concept Name



High Concept Statement

Digital therapy – anxiety support in a user’s palms


Status Quo

Therapy has made few strides in the digital landscape. E-counseling has taken shape in the app store, but it is challenging to find a digital solution for anxiety or depression that is truly available, anytime, anywhere. There’s no platform that takes the stride of tracking someone’s progression with anxiety, offering daily therapy through audio clips – all customized by a person’s anxiety type.



Today, people pay a steep price for weekly therapy sessions. In digital terms, users will use platforms where they can set up online appointments for e-counseling. Some apps exist, but they mostly tackle guided meditation. Therapy can be translated into a mobile app. Woebot has done this for depression. We would like to create this for anxiety.



Crystal, your personal anxiety coach, will help a user determine which kind of anxiety they have. There are four types of anxiety, each of which is distinguished by key personality traits that shapes the way Crystal will interact with the user every day. The anxiety type is key to giving a user customized audio tips and tools to better comprehend and cope with their type of anxiety. It is personal. It is cheap. It is private. Accessible anytime and anywhere.


Revenue Model

This is a social enterprise. In terms of revenue, e-counseling is the most profitable realm of the app. Counselors will pay a monthly fee of $40 to be listed on the app. The app itself will be free to users, but they can also set up appointments with e-counselors through the app. We will track social impact through anxiety tracking in the app. We hope to achieve lower levels of anxiety in users over time.


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Health & Fitness