Project by: 

Ryan Piela

High Concept Statement: 

GoFundMe meets political contributions. Right now your only choice to support a bill is to contribute to a super Pac that tangentially supports your cause.

Imagine if you could assign your money to a specific bill. The more people that add money to the bill, the more likely a congressperson is to push the bill through the house or senate.

Yes, the idea has been legally reviewed and it checks out!





Need or Demand:

Supporting policy changes with more than a “Like” on Facebook.

Product / Service / Solution:

A platform for people to put their money where their Facebook posts are

Value Proposition:

Support of concrete political change and being heard in a politically tumultuous environment


Nothing else like this exists.

Revenue Model:

Revenue will be made through two ways: 1) Floating contributed money before it’s used in the house/senate; 2) Small fee on transactions