Project by:

Dodji Gbedemah

High Concept Statement: 

IMy idea is to create an Uber-Like app that will provide roadside assistance to any member in less than 30 minutes. Regular roadside assistance providers such as AAA take hours to resolve issues such as flat tire or dead batteries.





Need or Demand:

I worked for Zipcar for more than a decade. One of the issue that our members run into is inadequate roadside assistance. Regular roadside through service such as AAA takes hours. If you ever got stuck on the side of the road waiting for a tow truck in a freezing rain then you know how painful it is especially if it is a simple to fix issue to resolve such as a flat tire of a dead battery. I believe that having an App on your phone that can automatically locate your position through GPS and with a click you can request help will great for new drivers, students, women or anyone with no basic car knowledge.

Product / Service / Solution:

Provide fast roadside assistance to the mobility industry.

Value Proposition:

My idea is to provide adequate roadside assistance to the general public in less than 30 minutes. By creating a network of service providers and using an Uber-like app that can pinpoint every member, I can get help to anyone faster than AAA.



Revenue Model:

The app will be free to download but the membership will be prepaid. It will be a Costco-like membership. There will be additional fees depending on the service requested.