Project by: Hector Grullon

High Concept Statement: 

LinkedIn and Eventbrite for Business Cards




Social Networking

Need or Demand:

I believe there are people who have a need or desire for an app that replaces the use of printed business cards because every year 10 Billion business cards are created and almost 88% end up being thrown away in the garbage. According to validation survey for DigiCard, 81% of respondents said they would use an app that replaces business cards. According to Statista, by the year 2020 it is expected that 2.87 billion people will own smart phones. This increase in potential mobile users will cause a decrease in users of print media, but more specifically business cards. By taking advantage of this change in consumer, DigiCard has the potential to disrupt the business card industry. Based on the validation survey, the average person spends more than $20 in business cards every year. This is money that most of the time goes to waste because business cards only work a fraction of the time. A digital business card will allow you to network faster, smarter, and more efficiently.

Product / Service / Solution:

I believe these needs can be fulfilled by providing an app that works like a digital business card, cardholder, and personal planner. The app allows users to quickly scan business cards and capture the most important information and at the same time send download links to those who do not have the app. This app will connect users with other professionals and networking events. In addition, users will be able to connect with others quickly using QR codes. When a user connects with others, they are automatically organized and you are able to see when and where you met them. From the app, you can message users and schedule meetings with them using a calendar integrated system. One of the add-ons I see in the future is a news section where you can see the most important news regarding your selected business topics. Each user will have their own profile which will outline their resume. This information can be grabbed from other social media or professional networking accounts like LinkedIn. In your profile, you can add your past experiences and projects. Overall, this provides professionals with the essentials they need to be successful at networking.

Value Proposition:

The #1 value customers want to derive from this solution as well as additional benefits includes having the security that the connection you made will not go to waste. DigiCard gives users the opportunity to be exposed to other likeminded individuals and go to networking events that can help expand their career. This will also save users time when they are networking with others and simplifies the process of keeping up with individuals you meet.


DigiCard’s primary competitor is LinkedIn since it is the largest professional networking site. One of the main problems with LinkedIn is that it fails to reach out to students and small businesses who are looking to grow their network. Unless you have the money to spend on expensive upgrades to your account, your LinkedIn serves as a self marketing tool and not a professional service that connects you with others. With DigiCard, users receive a much more simple version of what LinkedIn offers and with much more. One competitor to DigiCard is SwapCard, but they are located in France and do not market in the United States. They have seen success in France, but have yet to expand into the United States for unknown reasons.

Revenue Model:

DigiCard will generate revenue via 3 channels. One of the main source of revenue is data mining. Since this is a professional networking app that is centered around people connecting with each other and actively attending events, this is information that can be used by small businesses in the areas and event planners. Another way that DigiCard will make money is through a freemium model, users who pay $2 a month will be able to access services such as unlimited business card scanning, more exposure to other professionals, and job recommendations. There will also be a premium account for businesses, where they can promote themselves to gain leads. Businesses will also be able to look for potential hires. The third way DigiCard will make money is through partnerships with big companies that can incorporate DigiCard into their workplace, replacing costly business cards. In addition, DigiCard will be able to partner with events and charge to have professional events promoted in-app.