Dream Archive


Name: Paula Leonvendagar

NYU affiliation: Arts and Sciences

NYU status: Graduate

Did you enter last year?: No

Do you have any teammates?: Yes

How many, including yourself?: 2


Concept Name

Dream Archive


High Concept Statement

Dream Archive is a phone app to record and keep track of dreams over time through playful functions of text analysis, machine learning and AR.


Status Quo

Each human being spends around 8% of life dreaming. Current research in neuroscience has proven that dreaming is a key function for learning processes and integration of experience. Nevertheless it’s difficult to retain them in memory and there is not yet a digital tool to make it through creative analysis



Our primary customers are people already interested in dreams, phycology and neuroscience. Our plan is to capture them, and also audiences from different areas that are attracted to the language of dreams but haven’t find yet a tool to keep track of them.The digital archiving of dreams is yet in novel development, there are a few web platforms that tries to achieve this: www.dreamscloud.com, www.dreamjournal.net and the phone app dreambase.



With an artistic approach, we are creating an aesthetic and cognitive experience to help users to build a consistent relationship with their dreams. Text analysis and AR visualizations creates a fun and ludic practice, coherent with the symbolic language of dreams. Promoting a meaningful sense of daily life content.


Revenue Model

This app is created to built a long term experience and it´s priority is to have loyal and engage user over time, assuring them privacy, intimacy and a meaningful experience. At the beginning we will focus in a community of users already interested in dreams, psychology, neuroscience and art, so they will be willing to pay to have a secure digital dream archive and creative data analysis visualizations. The app will be free of ads, and our business will be a Pay per download model with a initial cost of $0.99. We will engage the users though videos explaining the innovative usability and functions, creating a killer app listing, high ratings, etc. The app will have a free part, the Gallery, where we will show some of the tools, data visualization and artistic research to engage the users.   Our plan is also to captivate also an adolescent audience, at that stage of the psychological and identity development to start creating with them a long term relationship. Our expansion plan contemplates as well to acquire new customers through users inviting new users with engaging and playful functions. In terms of languages and countries, the plan is to start building the app in 3 languages (English, Spanish and Korean) and to keep expanding to new languages as the app grows, to engage users from different countries. The main worth of this app will be in the database we are creating and the analysis of it. We will afford initially forgo revenue to accumulate users and create a big database. Though text and big data analysis, and content research in data visualization and machine learning we will ensure the increase of value of our app over time.  Our focus is to built a sustainable mobile business. As we create more sophisticated functions we will consider the model of paying inside the app for new functionality.


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