Project by: Aswin Rajeevalochana, Radha Raghunathan

High Concept Statement: 

“Use Cell Phone responsibly” – The aim of the app is to successfully prevent the driver of a vehicle from using the cell phone while at the same time allowing passengers of the vehicle to continue using their phones.


Android Phone



Need or Demand:

an app that prevents phone usage while driving. Detecting and preventing phone functionality while driving is not very hard to do. The hard part is to successfully prevent the vehicle driver from using the phone but at the same time allowing the passengers to continue using the phone when the vehicle is in motion. There is currently no way in the market to do this.

Product / Service / Solution:

an app built using a patented process to issue a visual challenge on the phone that will be extremely difficult if not impossible for a driver to perform. The passengers of the vehicle should not have any difficulty solving the challenge and thereby can continue using their phone.

Value Proposition:

being able to drive the vehicle safely without distractions, keeping the occupants as well as the other vehicles on the road safe.


There are a few apps that attempt to prevent texting and driving. However almost all of them involve texting a friend informing them that the phone user is texting and to somehow coax the phone user to not do it. Nothing out there truly prevents texting but uses social pressure to try and prevent texting while driving.

Revenue Model:

Corporates have a number of mobile apps that their employees and consultants use. They will be our initial target customers. Parents of teens are also an attractive target. We plan to price it between $1.99 – 3.99. Given the number of motorists on the road in the first 12 months it is not a stretch to reach a few hundred thousand customers.