Project by:

Alan Ogakwu; Girish Ramloul; Syed Husain; Mathieu Loing; Tarek Hajj

High Concept Statement: 

An Uber for chores in Dormitories.





Need or Demand:

Cheap, affordable and convenient laundry/cleaning service that allows students to save time; a quick, easy way for students to make pocket money.

Product / Service / Solution:

Connecting students who have a need to complete a chore with students who are willing to provide the service for a fee within the same space.

Value Proposition:

College students are short on time and money. EcoDorm helps them save on both. A platform where students request or provide laundry services for each other within their dormitories. A low-cost, convenient alternative to laundry and cleaning services that are too far away. A safe source of quick pocket money for the service provider- work where you live, when you want. EcoDorm simply makes life easier and builds a community at the same time.


Our primary competitors are local laundry/dry cleaning services and online professional cleaning services (Task Rabbit).
Firstly, our market research has shown that the majority of students living in dorms do not use local laundry/dry cleaning services. In addition to this, the service our app provides is both cheaper and more convenient than both local laundry services and online professional cleaning services, such as Task Rabbit.

Revenue Model:

Each service has a fixed price. The fixed price consists of a service cost and a utilities cost (i.e. cost of washing machine/dryer). We are making money by taking a connection fee out of each service request.