Project by: 

Miguel Amador; Christine Sikule

High Concept Statement: 

A shopping list app that compares the lowest price option for the entire list.  Once the list is completed, the app will generate a total price based on online retailers like FreshDirect, PeaPod, Amazon, Walmart, Shoprite, etc.   Using available APIs and web scraping techniques, the app will know where to buy, what coupons to use and when to buy the entire shopping list.

Edible Saving will also store these prices to create a central price history for popular produce.  This will allow us to quickly retrieve price quotes.

The app will also learn from the user’s shopping history by adding suggestion on items that missing from the list but the buyer has shown a history of needing.   It will suggest food items that are close to expiration based on purchase date and average shelf life of the product.  It will also suggest meals to try given the inventory of items purchased.


Android Phone



Need or Demand:

Edible Savings will provide a monetary and social good.

The combination of savings and increased efficiency will allow families to not only save money but also better utilize their resources.

Product / Service / Solution:

The reality is that the costs of groceries continue to rise in the US.   On average the monthly costs food for a moderate family of four ranges from $890 – $1,062 depending on the age of the children (USDA Link).  This is a sizable portion of an average family’s net income.   It is also estimated the 40% of the food in America goes uneaten.    This is a sizable problem that can be better managed with the abundance of information available to us.

Major Retailer: Most major retailers provide online options to purchase produce and deliver them directly to the consumer.

Current Prices:  Prices are aggregated via numerous APIs available for free and/or purchase.  In cases where the prices cannot be found via an API, the online retailer’s website can be used to find the appropriate price.

Coupons: Coupons are available online via numerous APIs and web scrabble sites

Recipes: Recipes by ingredients, are available via free to use APIs (API)

Value Proposition:

Edible Savings will provide a monetary and social good.

Users will find this app useful due to the numerous features it will provide.   Initially, it serve a shopping list aggregator and price comparison tool.   Over time, it will learn to remind the user of frequently purchased items that are likely in short supply.   It will also remind the user of perishables produce that should be close to their expiry date.   Given this information, the user will also be given suggestion on what to make to maximize his/her use of perishable items.

The combination of savings and increased efficiency will allow families to not only save money but also better utilize their resources.


MySuperMarket: (  Provides price comparison functionality focusing on UK markets

Livingrichwithcoupons:  ( Provides individual product information

Multiple List Applications:  App store currently has numerous app dedicated to easily maintaining a grocery list.   Being able to distinguish our application in this landscape is strictly.

Online retailers: Retailers may not want to allow for price comparison tools like this to exist.   Research is needed to ensure that the app can operate unimpeded.  The social good benefit may help us gain key partnership among the online retailers to help integrate us into their inventory systems.

Revenue Model:

Advertisement becomes the key initial revenue stream.  The app will monitor the user’s purchase history and sell targeted ad space.  An ex would be: If a user is routinely buying organic produce then that makes that person a valuable potential customer for health food retailers.

Listing key combination of items could also signal a change in the user’s status.   This can be aggregated and predictive analytics can then be applied to help retailers find new potential customers.   An example of this is someone suddenly listing or no longer listing products that impact a pregnancy

Long term investment could allow for 1-click shopping list purchase where participating retailers will pay a fee per purchase.