Project by: Tricia Alexis, Robert Brissett

High Concept Statement: 

Memories at your fingertip




Photo & Video

Need or Demand:

We believe there are people who will like to have on place where the can capture all life moments/events. They can access it from wherever they are, be creative with it and share with others.

Product / Service / Solution:

We believe these needs can be fulfilled by providing our customers with a tool that allow them to store life events and key documents that can easily pass on to family and friends. They no longer have to search for photos to create a photo book, a collage of photos for a weeding. They can create family trees and link with other tools such as ancestry, shutterfly, etc.

Value Proposition:

The #1 value customers want to derive from this solution as additional benefits are accessibility to things that are important to them. The ease to create and share part of their life in the form of a photobook. Allow family members to add to family tree creation with pictures from generations ago. Being able to capture the life events of their children with important documents such as birth certificate, immunization, etc.


Photo sharing apps are the closest competitor but they do not allow the customer to capture and save they journey of someone’s life. For example, by storing photos and other pertinent document in this app, I can give to my son his life memories in an app where he can reference, say immunization records, travels, parents marriage certificate, diplomas, etc. That can extend to anyone you wish.

Revenue Model:

Revenue will be generated – through paid subscribers. Building strategic partnership with, shutterfly etc . Partnership will grow as customer base expand.