Project by:

Kyung Lee

High Concept Statement: 

It’s an Uber for ZocDoc, I’m building an app that you can find a doctor, make an appointment, and pay for the fee, copay, or whatever it takes you for seeing a doctor.




Health & Fitness

Need or Demand:

There are needs for both parties: healthcare providers and patients. For patients, 1. who don’t want to waste time making an appointment and dealing with bills, 2. who are afraid of going to a doctor because of the price, 3. who are afraid of selecting a doctor that best fits (due to specialties, language barrier, …).
For providers: 1. who wish to advertise their clinic & build reputation, 2. who wish to manage their bills (and prescriptions) electronically so that they can reduce their burdens on administrative work.

Product / Service / Solution:

These needs can be fulfilled by providing convenient doctors search service as ZocDoc does in the business, but also adding easily accessible payment system between providers and patients in this all-in-one style app.

Value Proposition:

The value that customers will enjoy using my app include that it will reduce a lot of intangible wastes such as searching time before choosing a doctor and waiting time at a clinic.
Through reviews and ratings, patients will choose doctors carefully with their needs so that patients and doctors both can satisfy.
And payment through the app will help both parties from administrative burdens; and this is what differentiates Ezgomed from the big players in the field.


ZocDoc has similar platform with a strong doctor searching service; Amino has a really cool searching tool that shows estimated prices patients need to pay. None has the exact same platform with the payment system yet.

Revenue Model:

It is completely free for all patients. But subscription fees apply to health providers (doctors, dentists, chiropractors, etc.) with $200/month, or $1000 of initiation fee with $100/month.