Project by: Mohammad Muntasir, James Kong

High Concept Statement: 

Fight the negativity with positive memories.





Need or Demand:

People usually feel down at certain times and their brain attracts negativity. These negative thoughts attract other negative thoughts and it usually spirals to the point where the person will be unproductive for a period of time.

Product / Service / Solution:

Having an app that will ask the user to submit images/text/recordings/videos/etc to private database that makes them feel happy, feel accomplished, and feel like they have a purpose on moving forward in life. Whenever, the person feels sad or down, then can pull up the app and the app will use a certain algorithm to show them a happy memory from the database. The only way to fight (-) feelings is with (+) ones.

Value Proposition:

Is to give them meaning in life. Showing that life is not all gloom and doom. The reason, why alot of people continue life is for the little things that make them happy. This app will try to make it convenient for everyone. At the same time, this app will make people not take their happy memories for granted as it will make them be the light in their darker moments.


Everyother “positivity app” try to help their users with motivational imagery, quotes, or help them set tracks or goals in life. Our app is special because it goes super personal with the user. It takes their personal, special, and unique memories to help them with their sadness. Personal happy memories are more powerful than general motivational messages it lightings someone’s mood.

Revenue Model:

Our app will have advertisements at certain locations in our app and won’t be too inconvenient for the user. The app will also have a premium version (has to be bought) that will have more features for the user.