Project by: 

Nishit Bhuva

High Concept Statement: 

A food recommending app (packaged & restaurant food) customized by dietary requirements for patients/health conscious users, along with nutrition facts and nearest available store/restaurant to find it based on user’s location. Recommendations will be based on a curated database prepared from scientific research publications and other similar trusted resources, or requirements entered by the user.




Health & Fitness

Need or Demand:

As people get more health conscious  every day, either to stay fit or due to a medical condition, food requirements demand more customization. People have become more aware of ingredients in every food item consumed. Also patients sometimes find it difficult to adhere to dietary requirements due to various reasons. With the busy lifestyle today, not many people get time to cook or spend time looking for food that suits their diet. With this app, we eliminate the need to think where one should get their next meal and whether it fits their diet needs. With trusted resources making recommendations, users can be assured of meeting their needs wherever they go. Lastly, for the curious users, the nutrition facts are also provided along with recommendations to provide further assurance.

Product / Service / Solution:

The users needs can be fulfilled by providing a reliable source in their pockets to meet their dietary needs and stay on course with their health goal/doctor’s prescription, even while travelling. Especially since the data is published in scientific journals and backed by research, doctor’s would be more confident in their patient’s using this app.

Value Proposition:

Finding the required diet anywhere without having to search multiple grocery stores/restaurants to meet your needs, all while keeping your health on track. Travelers can check food availability at their destination in advance to make necessary changes.


I am currently not aware of apps providing similar services. The closest competition I would say is companies like Blue Apron that encourage users to cook at home as per their dietary needs. However, that too is limited to the dishes they offer each week. We basically capitalize by suggesting users what food items are available in their vicinity that would meets their dietary needs.

Remote competitors might be companies like Seamless that tie up with restaurants. But they do not tell users if a certain dish meets their diet. The user is expected to know that. We take that extra burden out of the equation when a user is hungry.

Revenue Model:

Since this idea is at a preliminary stage, I believe the revenue model would be 2-tiered. One, users would pay nominal fees for annual subscriptions (since many patients with special needs/health-conscious people already pay for fitness apps). Two, grocery stores and restaurants would pay for advertisements promoting their health-conscious/special diet offerings.