Project by:

Ethan Messinger; Saumitra Tiwari; Bhavik Doshi

High Concept Statement: 

Flâneur empowers smartphone users to create and place art in an augmented reality environment without programming knowledge.


Android Phone



Need or Demand:

According to Gartner Research, by 2018 one in every five brands will have augmented reality solutions. Further, Gartner Research shows that by 2019, 90% of augmented reality experiences will be consumed through our mobile devices. Augmented reality experiences will begin through our mobile phone devices (as opposed to head-mounted displays) as the technology goes mainstream.

However, in order to create an augmented reality experience, it requires a lot of technical knowledge. There is a gap that exists between those with creative intent, who wish to create an augmented reality experience, and the sophisticated technology that one must learn to do this.

A platform must be created that will allow people to easily interact within an augmented reality on their mobile devices, further allowing advertisers to connect with those same users. Due to recent use of augmented reality (Pokemon Go, for example), we believe that people have an interest in this type of technology, and our company will begin bringing to life the augmented experience by targeting the artistic community.

Product / Service / Solution:

Flâneur empowers smartphone users to create and place art in an augmented reality environment without programming knowledge. Flâneur will bridge the gap between technical and creative minds, by creating an easy to use, uncomplicated application.

Our product will host two functions. First, it will operate as an empathy engine, working as a “lens” to the virtual world. Second, our product will host tools to create 3- dimensional art to be placed in virtual space.

Our product will be the first to allow users to imprint 3- dimensional creations in virtual space and the first to give artists the tools to build 3- dimensional works on a smartphone.

Value Proposition:

Flâneur is an affordable and accessible solution to augmented reality that will empower artists to create and imprint 3-dimensional art in virtual space without programming knowledge.


It is important to highlight that we are experiencing a massive shift within technology as our devices are becoming more immersive. However, looking at the immersive technologies of today (Google Tango, Oculus, etc.) it requires a lot of technical skill to create a virtual experience. There is a conflict with those who have creative intent, but not technical skills.

Flâneur’s mission is to empower creative minds to create immersive works regardless of individual technical knowledge and ability. Thereby bridging the gap between the technical and creative fields, in a way that is affordable to the consumer.

In contrast, augmented reality and virtual reality hardware is expensive for the consumer. Flâneur provides a solution to this problem, using only a mobile device. Therefore, Flâneur is creating an innovative, affordable and accessible consumer solution for augmented reality.

Revenue Model:

While the application itself will be provided for free, the revenue sources will be varied and expand as the project matures. Initially, our revenue stream will consist of: (i) service that allows businesses to send push notices when they have an event at their location (for example, a coffee shop will alert users that an art exhibit is being hosted at their location); (ii) service that allows virtual advertisements, where people look through the camera on their smartphone to see virtual advertisements as they explore an area; and (iii) service that allows companies to sponsor “in-app” content, such as posting their logos on the application so that consumers can integrate into the augmented reality world.