Project by: 

Cameron Lloyd; Ted Rosedale

High Concept Statement: 

Seamless for giving back





Need or Demand:

We believe there are people who have a desire to donate time/money to charitable organizations, but there is no friction-less experience.

Product / Service / Solution:

Our app fulfills these needs with a logical and engaging UX experience to find charities and to donate or volunteer instantly.
We believe these needs can be fulfilled by providing a logical and engaging app, that streamlines donating and volunteer sign ups.

Value Proposition:

The #1 value customers want to derive from our solution is being able to locate charities that bring meaning to their lives. Additional benefits including offering local and targeted non-profits an opportunity to leverage a digital platform to increase visibility. Our goal is to level the playing field in charitable giving and give charities of all sizes a chance to promote, raise, and most importantly focus on their missions.


Donate a Photo. Donate a Photo (Android and iOS) is a free app by Johnson & Johnson that makes helping people as easy as snapping a picture. …
Charity Miles. …
Feedie. …
Give 2 Charity. …
Charity Tap.

GIVMO would be preferred because it’s simple and integrates with social media.

Revenue Model:

Licensing opportunity to fulfill needs of firms:
We will create branded versions of our app specifically for companies/organizations who want their own unique version. ex: Company pays us to have their own white labeled platform to engage with employees and non-profits.