Project by: 

Dodji Gbedemah; Adam Spittler

High Concept Statement: 

Use the google maps API, GridOff Allows users to create geo-tagged content, photos videos and text when they are in remote areas without WiFi or cell coverage. This content can be grouped into downloadable guides.
Other users can download guides before travelling into a remote area. Info in the guides can be accessed with out internet on the app and the user can know their position as related to the guide content via GPS.





Need or Demand:

An Airbnb host owns a remote cabin in Oaxaca Mexico, but is not usually there when people rent it. There is no cell service in the area.
The user creates a detailed guide to all the landmarks on the way to the property from the main road, including geo-tagged photos and text. She also creates a guide to her favorite restaurants in the area including what to order(with photos) for those unfamiliar with the local cuisine. Lastly she adds tags for the local police department post office and emergency clinic.
When someone rents her cabin, the user sends them a link to download her guide. that way finding the property as well as local places of interest will be very easy for her guests

Product / Service / Solution:

A user who is an avid outdoors person has discovered a lot of interesting places hiking in the Adirondacks. She decides to create a guide for her friends who are going to go backpacking there for the first time. From the app she takes pictures and writes short descriptions at her favorite swimming holes and of a stunning overlook. She also notes places where the trail can become confusing. Geo-tags are recorded with each note. When she gets home she edits and uploads her guide and shares it with her friends.
Her friends download the guide and when they visit the area they have an easy time following her trail. The can even add comments and pictures of their own to be added to the guide with the creators approval.

Value Proposition:

Problem the App solves:
In remote places with out cell coverage, navigation can be difficult.
Even with the ubiquitous use of google maps and similar services people still rely on written directions and landmarks when travelling through unfamiliar remote areas.


Current Market and competitive landscape:
A google search for “app for travelling with no cell reception” reveals that there are no existing products in this category.
Google Maps and similar services widely used, this app is not competitive with those services, rather this app makes easy a process that can be potentially be done with google maps but not in a straight forward way. It is possible to download and cache segments of google maps for use offline, but it is difficult to put notes and pictures into those maps.

Revenue Model:

There is potential for Ad revenue in that the app will know when and where a user plans a trip. There is also potential to sell guides on the app.