Project by: Ari Banayan, Mikey Ahdoot, Amir Atighehchi, Jason Kucharski,

High Concept Statement: 

A science-based system for acquiring healthy habits.





Need or Demand:

We all know the different ways to improve our lives, yet research shows ( that 92% of people don’t meet their self development goals. This is a huge problem, and chances are most people can personally relate to the struggles here. Research at Stanford’s Behavioral Research lab points to there being three ways to effectively change behavior: 1. Being held accountable to your commitments 2. Having the right strategy 3. Specific tracking of your progress But current solutions for these only target one of these areas. And the high failure rate demonstrated by data illustrates that they’re ineffective and just don’t work.

Product / Service / Solution:

Our solution is effective at instituting behavior change as it combines the elements of personal accountability, gamified tracking, and education on science-based strategy into one centralized system. It works by choosing a specific habit goal to commit to (i.e. Reading, exercising, meditating, building a morning routine, etc). Next, users receive daily strategic content derived from years of scientific research to directly improve discipline and build habits effectively. They track their progress daily with specific, gamified tracking. Lastly to light a fire under their butts, users are held accountable to their daily goal by a real life person with a proprietary accountability system we designed.

Value Proposition:

We tested this system with 42 paying users on our MVP prototype. We’ve seen a 95.2% success rate amongst them implementing our system. It makes it very effective to set a goal, quantify it, have it easy & fun to follow it, and be held accountable to stick with it. (Note: this is not a fully built app in any way – just a rough recreation of its aspects using bootleg workarounds. We still have a long ways of development work ahead of us). We’ve also further tested the effectiveness of this solution from thousands of paying users with our Morning Sidekick Journal ( which implements some aspects of what the app will do on a lighter scale. From the success our users have had, we’ve had it featured on Inc Magazine, Snapchat Discover, the NFL Combine, Business Insider, Huffington Post, & more.


Our biggest competitors are as follows: 1. → no content, ineffective accountability, very expensive. 2. Life coaching → very very expensive. Variable accountability & tracking. Amazing content. 3. Habitica → incredible gamified tracking. Accountability. No content. Very high attrition from anybody not in their specific, nerd niche. 4. → Very gamified tracking, average content, no accountability 5. Tracking apps → Poor tracking, no content, no accountability By effectively offering the three elements of specific gamified tracking, science-based content, and proprietary effective accountability, we’re able to offer very high value that will be difficult for others to replicate.

Revenue Model:

The app is a paid monthly subscription app at $10/mo.