Project by: 

Prasad Vaidya; Kiran Rane

High Concept Statement: 

“Happy Hour” forever!!
App creates a drinks club. Once subscribed, you can get 20% off of drinks as any participating restaurant/bar. Once subscribed, members can create his/her network, connect to like minded other members, get drinks todgether at the participating bars and restaurants.




Food & Drink

Need or Demand:

Need to have discounted drinks. To know what drinks – cocktails/wines/beers/other are offered. Need to socialize over drinks with friends and even make new friends at the bar.

Product / Service / Solution:

App that provides subscription to participating bars which offer discounted drinks to subscribers. This offers discounted drinks to customers who like going to a same or limited set of places regularly, and to restaurants to reward and retain their customers, as well as attract new customers

Value Proposition:

Discounted drinks due to loyalty. For restaurants increase loyalty, bring in new customers.


Drink pass, but it does not have a strong monetary incentive to users.
Others like Yelp can enter, but will loose focus on their core business and likely loose other customers.

Revenue Model:

Percentage from every sale at a restaurant.