Name: Max Mayrock

NYU affiliation: Stern

NYU status: Undergraduate

Did you enter last year?: No

Do you have any teammates?: Yes

How many, including yourself?: 2


Concept Name



High Concept Statement

Headlines takes a unique approach to news by showing the most important part: the article headline.


Status Quo

Millennials find themselves reading the headline of a news article instead of reading whole articles. This often leads to people reading through multiple websites to find daily news.



Most competition is news apps such as CNN or Fox News, which provide full-length articles. Furthermore, apps such as Reddit provide a similar concept of summarized articles within the title of the post.



Headlines challenges the status-quo of news through aggregating news headlines from local, state-wide, country-wide, and world-wide news into one app. Users are able to scroll endlessly through headlines reading new and interesting news articles that are trending worldwide.


Revenue Model

Headlines makes their revenue primarily off of advertisements which would be displayed in-app. Furthermore, users could purchase an add-free version of headlines.


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