Project by: Vignesh Gawali, Ross Kopelman

High Concept Statement: 

The Kayak for shopping for health insurance. We are focused on helping independent contractors who work for companies like Uber and Postman purchase and manage their personalized health plans utilizing artificial intelligent.





Need or Demand:

Buying healthcare insurance is a confusing and convoluted process. Most people struggle to understand what they are even purchasing when they pick a plan. Our mission is to deliver a single great experience that is simple, easy to use where we educate our members with personalized health coverage recommendations from an A.I. Bot that will sit on our APP as they shop for the best health coverage.

Product / Service / Solution:

Healthy.Exchange is an artificial intelligent insurance marketplace that makes it easy for independent contractors to compare prices and packages for the best medical and dental coverage.

Value Proposition:

We anticipate that the independent market to buy insurance is going to explode under President Trump and the potential repeal of Obamacare which will allow for insurance plans to be bought across state lines and provide employees with more options to buy insurance. We want to be at the forefront. According to Forbes Freelancers now make up 35% of U.S. workers who collectively earned $1 trillion in 2016. This accounts for over 55 million workers in the U.S. who have purchasing power to buy healthcare insurance coverage directly via the internet through web and mobile applications.


Current competitors consists of, all focused on a web-based experience of buying and managing healthcare insurance with. Our aim will be to focus on independent workers and freelancers that work as contractors for startup companies like Uber, Etsy, & Postmates. Our app will a fast and customized experience on a mobile device to meet the need of this working population that are always on the go who need a more convenient way to manage and purchase their healthcare insurance. Our app with its personalized A.I. Insurance Bot will help guide the users towards the best coverage.

Revenue Model:

We take a monthly transactional fee for every insurance package that we sell. Fees vary based on the insurance package that are sold and can range from 9-20 dollars a month with a total net value of 108 – 240 dollars a year.