Project by: 

Robert Polkowski

High Concept Statement: 

Siri for individuals with dementia.


Apple Watch


Health & Fitness

Need or Demand:

At the moment those afflicted with dementia rely on caregivers to function, at a high cost to either family members (who may not be able to work full time, and who experience significant stress) or the healthcare system (nursing and other support paid for by health insurance or government programs). Caregiver relief and cost-savings provide the opportunity for adoption by the aforementioned groups. More importantly, those diagnosed with early stages of dementia will be interested in the opportunity to remain independent longer.

Product / Service / Solution:

The app will act as an assistant that constantly monitors the user and intervenes when it identifies an episode that is related to dementia. For instance, if the app detects that the user is about to start shaving for the second time in the same day, it will say “Robert, you already shaved this morning.”

Value Proposition:

Top value for customers is continued independence, which from a psychological standpoint brings a sense of dignity and self-worth. At the same time, caregivers benefit on both a financial (family members and healthcare industry save time and money) and personal   (family members know that their loved ones are safer) level.


At the current time there are no comparable solutions. This is the first product to automate the active cognitive support currently only available from caregivers.

Revenue Model:

Revenue will come from sale of the app and subscription to different levels of support.   The basic subscription gives you access to the Artificial Intelligence needed for a dementia-focused assistant.   Additional levels provide cognitive monitoring and reports, and a live helpline when human intervention is   required (likely based on the number of incidents).