Project by:

Deniz Vurmaz

High Concept Statement: 

Airbnb Helper- designing your life!





Need or Demand:

Airbnb Helper serves like an Uber system+Facetime, but we don’t use cars, we use individuals who are closest to your apartment and available to help organizing your apartment/room like leaving the keys for your guests, changing the sheets, emptying your trash bins, mopping, buying some stuff when you are at work or you are on vacation, shortly when you are away from your apartment and busy. Thanks to Helper App, people who has no time to take care of their apartments for Airbnb and for their guests can make some extra money without spending time! Because, Helpers will take care of it when they are around for completing the apartment/room owners’ requests and can make easy money, this is a Win-Win App!

Product / Service / Solution:

I believe these needs can be fulfilled by providing an app that connects individuals who are looking for making some extra money through Airbnb and who has no time, secondly, individuals who have some time and looking for also making extra money when they are close to the apartment by using Uberlike (gps tracking) system.  Find people who are close to your apartment, check the security info and accept or deny to take care of your apartment to organize, the missions coming from the hosts will take only for 30 min to finish! Airbnb Helper will show green light for people (helpers) who are close and have time to organize/tide your apartment and will connect via Facetime or whatsapp video.

Value Proposition:

Airbnb hosts enter their addresses——> find the closest available helper for your apartment. Fast, free download and you can make extra income. This is a win-win situation!


Handy is a online cleaning service but, they don’t use GPS or google map and they provide professional cleaners, it is quite expensive compared to Helper app and also they don’t usually provide Airbnb requirements like changing sheets, emptying trash bins, leaving the keys for the coming guests.

Revenue Model:

We charge you only 0.5$ for service fee (both side), leaving keys for the guests: $5 mopping: $10  changing sheets: $5 emptying bins: buying stuff: $10  extra missions dependable for the helper- variable $