Project by:

Konstantin Klein

High Concept Statement: 

social database of the homeless




Social Networking

Need or Demand:

I believe there are people who have a desire to personally attend to the solution of the homelessness problem in New York City. They have the need cure that guilty feeling that clouds us when we pass a homeless person without the right tools to help them.

Product / Service / Solution:

I believe these needs can be fulfilled by providing an app that clearly and visually demonstrates the homeless problem in New York City. This app has the capacity to direct people’s attention to the problem but also allows the users to create a social database. In turn, this can benefit anyone who is homeless by allowing users to list a homeless person’s needs but also their stories and aspirations. Furthermore, by connecting the ordinary person with a homeless person could even create a market where one can personally gift food or essentials once the database shows a homeless person’s specific needs.

Value Proposition:

The #1 value customers want to derive from this solution as well as additional benefits include creating a social environment where an anonymous homeless person becomes someone ‘local’, someone one can refer to by name, personally connect with and help.


Homeless Plus, a french app, to my understanding has similar goals to those of my idea however it is primarily used in France while my app is aimed at helping the homeless in NYC.
Also, apps like HandUp or OurCalling, concerns themselves primarily with donations, leaving out the important factor of my idea which is creating a social environment which visualizes the homeless problem in NYC and creates direct and personal contact with homeless people in order to create a functioning database.

Revenue Model:

As a social venture, the quantitive metrics I will track to monitor my impact are metrics such as ‘number of active users’, ‘number of added homeless profiles’, ‘number of successful “donations”‘, ‘information added to profiles’.