Project by: Tommy Qiu, Marquis Velazquez, Wazermes helmi

High Concept Statement: 

This app puts a twist on health registration. This app allows users to send insurance information, patient information; sign discharge papers and also sign medical documentation remotely. The hospital can bill the insurance of the patient during or before treatment. The hospital can keep digital records and approve or reject client information. The app also notifies users when they have improperly filled out the required fields. Co-pays can be made view the apps one click pay service. The hospital sends the co-pay information and then the user just pays. Estimated wait time is also calculated.





Need or Demand:

We believe patients want to cut the time of payment, discharge, and even waiting at the hospital. It creates a seamless system where the hospital receives payment more consistently, has a sorted and organized database for patients, allows for many more to be served, and doctors can get access to a patient file directly from there phones.

Product / Service / Solution:

The process for traditional hospitals can be quite tedious and drastically time consuming for both the patient and hospital, but with this product the process becomes smoother and faster.

Value Proposition:

The value users pull from our product will be the from the need to have a more time efficient doctor visit. Hospitals will be able to secure consistent payment and serve people much quicker.



Revenue Model:

Subscription (hospital), selective advertising, in app purchases, and or one time app purchase.