Project by: 


High Concept Statement: 

Spotify mood playlists for events listing.





Need or Demand:

There are many event listing websites and apps and all of which list events in an old school way: events are classified by location, time and types/genres. We believe millennials have a need for more related content curation, which is far beyond objective factors such as date and location. It’s a kind of subjective factors like one’s emotion at each moment. Their time is limited but their expectation is high. They don’t have enough time to check out each events detail but still have to choose something out from thousands of listings a day. Although 80% of millennials are using event listing websites/apps, around 50% of them come back with disappointment.

Product / Service / Solution:

We believe these needs can be fulfilled by providing an event listing platform which classify events by emotion, such as chill, aggressive, depressed etc. We will let event organizers choose up to three emotional keywords. Our editor will then picked event that really related as feature under each emotion category. We focused on music, art and pop culture events which are easier to identify event associated mood than others. We also provide basic social features such as “see who is also interested”, “follow friends activity” etc. and ticketing process service..

Value Proposition:

Our primary target audience are millennials who is willing to explore music, art and pop culture events in the city. They are energetic, curious, and adventurous. They love innovative ideas and always think out of box. They are emotional, sensitive and never stick to one type of events


There is no such product in the market right now. If talking about event listing, our primary competitor should be Time Out, the largest event listing and city guide website over the world. However, we are at a niche market compared to Time Out, which covers almost everything and becomes overwhelmed. On the other hand, Time Out does not have any innovations for its event listing service. Our listing by emotion is totally stands out among our target market, Millennials.

Revenue Model:

We have multiple revenue streams in both short-term and long-term period.
Ticketing commission. We redirect customers to ticketing website through our app for events. An average of 8% commission per tickets sold will be paid.
Pay for featured events and other kinds of ads. Sell different kind of ads in app and sponsored spots in event discovery page. Venues and artists will pay to promote their events. Other related companies such as restaurants, art material suppliers will pay for the ads in our app since we have a niche market.
Long Term – Sell user’s behavioral data to marketing research companies.