Project by: Stephanie Carrera, Veronica Mendoza

High Concept Statement: 

A hybrid FullContact and Companion to bring more order (and safety!) to the dating experience.


Apple Watch


Social Networking

Need or Demand:

Between all the dating sites, swipe apps, in-real-life meetings and set ups, it’s hard to keep track of an active dating life. We believe our app makes the already charged activity of dating a little easier to manage. No more “Jamie Tinder Upper West Side” or “Cory OKC Williamsburg” entries in your Contacts.

Product / Service / Solution:

By integrating robust, manually-annotatable contact management with dating and social platforms, modern daters can have a single solution to keep their romantic contacts organized – along with their dating and social profiles. Additionally, by using calendar and geo-location data, we aim to build in functionality to eliminate the obligatory “I’m going on an online first date”/”we’re still at the restaurant”/”i’m home safe!” texts sent to friends for safety purposes and peace of mind.

Value Proposition:

Dating can be messy. JamieWho can help. For safety and peace of mind, organize your online, app and IRL date info – from how you met to where you’re going – in one selectively shareable interface. – JamieWho connects to online dating platforms and aggregates your match/dates’ profile information into annotatable dossiers – Share dossiers with friends so they know who you’re meeting and where you’re going – On a Date tracking makes your location available until you turn it off


There are no products that organize dating contacts from multiple sources and or share this information with friends for safety when going on a date. The current alternatives are users’ personal one off solutions which include manual spreadsheets, elaborate dating contact name taxonomies, and one off texts, emails, and check-ins to let friends know when they are going on a date and that the date has safely ended. Users can also share their live location with others using the iphone or Google+ app, however these are not cross platform features and do not currently integrate with the dating use case. JamieWho would easily organize dating contact information from various dating apps in one place and remove the effort in maintaining this collection and sharing it with friends as needed.

Revenue Model:

The revenue model will have an advertisement and subscription component. Users can download the app for free with ads or opt out of ads with a one time fee.