Project by: 

Nick Karram; Alvin Lawson

High Concept Statement: 

keenwa is a nutrition coaching system that builds personalized experiences to better eating.




Health & Fitness

Need or Demand:

We’ve found parents who strive to eat well have challenges: time commitment, knowing where to start, and knowing what is right for them when a million “gurus” say it’s their way or the highway.

Product / Service / Solution:

keenwa meets people where they are in their journey to healthier living, and helps create pathways through which people can explore food, their own way.

Value Proposition:

Users will have an exclusive, personalized platform to develop their relationship with nutrition and food.


Lifestyle platforms do not have nutrition as a central theme; we start and stay with nutrition.

Revenue Model:

Subscription service (freemium). Free basic platform with premium personalized coaching on top.