Project by:  Yuchi Ma

High Concept Statement: 

Generating Evolutionary Mobile Avatar in Each Smart Phone.





Need or Demand:

I believe there are people who have desires to know their personal mobile data. Those “small data” contains so much individual memories and experience. I also believe people will be more engaging in their data if we can pack and visualize them in a more interesting and heuristic way.

Product / Service / Solution:

I believe these needs can be fulfilled by transferring those continuous personal mobile data into a “virtual living creature” to raise people’s engagement with their data. Creature’s appearance and animation will be matched by user’s profile and evolutionarily updated based on detections of user’s daily activities.

Value Proposition:

The #1 value customers want to derive from this solution is joy, the joy of being able to see their lifestyles, memories and experience are actually being recorded into a “living thing”. Additionally, I believe benefits also includes motivations for keeping or changing behaviors for users. In further thinking of avatar as a starting point, I believe it also provide a potential social platform for larger scale of users.


Many health detecting apps (apple health, google fit) and google timeline could be alternatives in certain functions as they show data in infographics. However my solution would be preferred over existing alternatives in several points. 1. It would increase the motivations for users engaging with their personal data. 2. It would enable users to do more interaction with their data.

Revenue Model:

The App is free to download. The monetization is mainly through unlocking advanced features, including 1. analyzing of different kinds of data to decide creature’s appearance and animation, for example, basic function of app is focusing on location data analyzing, but premium function will help users to generate more fancy creature by analyzing more data like device motion data, city environment data and global event data, etc; 2. allowing users to decide more colors, materials and shapes that will be used for generating creatures; 3. allowing users to unlock more interaction functions with creatures, for example, basic version, users will not be able to manually control the creature’s appearance as all data analyzing process is backend automatically, but premium version will allow users to voice to interact with creatures in order to adjust some user preference.