Project by: 

Maxine Sitkowski; Nick Karram

High Concept Statement: 

A mindset amplifier that dials down your limits and ups your game.





Need or Demand:

We have noticed a large interest in mindset shifts, like Amy Cuddy’s body language Ted Talk that has 39,000,000 views. This is eagerly used by young business people. MoJo offers physical and mental brain boosting exercises to support peak performance.

Product / Service / Solution:

Our app provides interactive support and enhancement of resourceful mindsets and lowers the effects of limiting mindsets.

Value Proposition:

Customers will gain peak performance with full access to their best resources and more inclusive mindsets.


Amy Cuddy’s Superman pose, Tony Robbins’s visualizations and the basic work of many success and life coaches utilize mindset techniques. I have access to many of them and a skill set to generate even more. Further, MoJo will have specific categories of need ( like grounding, refresh, clearing conflicts) that will enhance and enrich performance.

Revenue Model:

A recurring subscription model that will allow MoJo users to boost their brain to achieve any goals. They can use these resources as many times a day as needed.