Project by: 

Ian Glennon; Kerem Aslan

High Concept Statement: 

Dining made easy. Pay for your meal hassle-free. No math, no end-of-meal chaos for large dining parties.




Food & Drink

Need or Demand:

Waiting for and splitting bills is a both a large source of stress and consumes a considerable amount of time. This app allows diners in restaurants to leave hassle free whenever they like. Restaurants can cut costs by hiring fewer waitresses (less time needed per table). Restaurants can increase revenues by increasing table turnover.

Product / Service / Solution:

Works in conjunction with bar codes on either restaurant menus or tables. Would work either by 1) Allowing the user to scan the meal item they’d like, which can be sent to the restaurant kitchen (or shown to the waitress) or 2) Allowing the user to scan a barcode located on the table, select the menu items they ordered (from a list of ordered items) and let them pay for their items. It will automatically result in a bill being provided, which each user can seemlessly pay via Venmo, PayPal, CreditCard, etc.

Value Proposition:

The #1 value customers (diners) want to derive from this solution is avoiding the “buzz-kill”, frustration, and even potential conflict that comes from splitting bills and paying for meals in groups of 3 or more. The #1 value customers (restaurants) derive is lower costs in the form of high table turnover and reduced staffing needs.


We have not been able to identity any current alternatives.

Revenue Model:

We would provide the barcode/setup free of charge. However, we would charge a very small fraction of sales (around .5%) that are made using this app.