Project by: David Lin

High Concept Statement:

Uber for fast-food order/drinks




Food & Drink

Need or Demand:

I do not believe people should wait in a queue for same order of food. For example: Morning routine people always order from same coffee shop and order the same items, push notification in the morning if coffee is needed and use geofencing to detect distance and prep time needed to finish. Also, food chain restaurant such as Chipotle, Xi’an Famous food, and Shake Shack has long queue during prime time which can be eliminated by just one swipe and pick up.

Product / Service / Solution:

The solution is an app that can predict your daily habit routine and can save your favorite surrounding food/drink choices. This can also apply with advanced ordering using geofencing.

Value Proposition:

Eliminates card and cash payments by using mobile secure payment.


Starbucks and Chipotle has an early start and are experimenting with this technology. However, there is no one app that unify all those restaurants. Yelp and Seamless offer mostly delivery service.

Revenue Model:

First to create value, then to monetize by charging stores.