Project by: Denise L Greene

High Concept Statement: 

To develop an android app to help those who procrastinate begin and complete home projects such as decluttering, organizing their space, and time management. Participants list their projects, set the due date, select reward(s), choose a buddy or let us find one for you or go solo. You and your buddy will set up a day and time to nudge each other through the app. The main differentiation from other programs is that people are accountable to someone else who’s also working on the same type of project.





Need or Demand:

A lot of people believe that they procrastinate and actively seek products to help them become more productive.

Product / Service / Solution:

Rewards: Achievements (the point system) like the ones from Khan Academy with reminders of your progress, are rewards that’s meaningful for you. Facebook users collect “Likes” right? Gamers play for the win which usually comes with some noise and colorful gif. A reward for completing a big goal could be a gif of fireworks, blooming flowers, or sending a song and the message says, “You earned some dance time.” It may appeal to both genders but most likely women. Would you be more likely to update your computer if each day you had to do more than click the button to make the reminder message go away? Suppose you had to solve two math problems on day two to make the reminder disappear. Then three problems on day three, and so on. Not hard problems, but just something that get progressively annoying, like someone nudging you. Eventually you’d just give in and do it, right? For those who get distracted, it could regularly ask “What have you done in the past xx minutes?” Progress Tracker: A spreadsheet for tracking progress. Every day change the number of items done and number of days left and the sheet calculates the rest. Here’s what that looks like: Project Goal Done To Do Days Left # Per Day (# of times worked on project) At the front end the user must identify the goals along with how they will measure and due date. You’ll have to have a screen(s) for that. Goal Clean Closet Number 5 Unit Shelves By Time/Date 3/1/17 How many working days 5 How often to nudge 2 x daily and/or Times to nag 7:30 a.m. and 6:30 p.m. First nag 3/16/17 7:30 a.m.

Value Proposition:

$4.99–It’s cheaper than books, interactive feedback, buddy system.


Saent–I like the idea but when I asked my office buddies what they thought about it, the response was, “$79 for an egg timer.” The programs are already on their smart phones and they could just tap them.

Revenue Model:

We could partner with businesses to send music, movies, gift cards for online shopping or virtual rewards, like a wineglass, chocolates, picture of a beach with a happy message. Partnership with on-line retail such as Amazon could allow for users to create wish lists for their rewards.