Project by: 

Jin Jun; Mimi Niles

High Concept Statement: 

Headspace for nurses! Our app provides quick, functional remedies that nurses can use before/during/after work to de-stress themselves. We provide an accessible tool that nurses can use at any time to take care of themselves, so they can take better care you. The app first asks the nurse to identify what is triggering their stress, such as: fatigue, frustration, anger, being disrespected, disempowerment, or lack of empathy and then the app will tailor and approach to address their stress. The nurse/user is then directed towards a few targeted remedies to utilize in that moment. This may include a quick meditation, music therapy, visual aids, or a few re-energizing yoga poses. For now, we propose our app targeting for nurses. In the future, as this app will be widely successful, our goal is to create and offer this app for all health care providers – doctors, social workers, physical therapists, etc.


Android Phone


Health & Fitness

Need or Demand:

Nursing is the nation’s largest health care profession, with more than 3.1 million registered nurses in the US. In fact, nurses comprise one of the largest segments of the U.S. workforce and is expected to experience continued job growth through 2022. Nurses consistently rank as one the most trusted profession. How many of us have not been touched by nursing – either directly or through a beloved family member? Given the reach of nurses throughout healthcare as the largest single component of hospital staff, delivering the most patient care in hospital it is not surprising that pervasive fatigue and burnout are common among nurses. A recent study revealed that 60 percent of healthcare workers experience job burnout, with more than 20 percent saying they often or always feel burned out. Though hundreds of apps offering meditation, relaxation techniques, and/or yoga exist, none specifically target nurses. Given the immensity of this workforce, we believe this is a population is hungry for solutions that address their specific needs. The rapid growth of meditation apps such as Headspace or Calm, suggests a strong desire to incorporate these techniques into our daily lives. We strongly believe that these apps must to be tailored for their audience – and as nurses – we work in a very specific environment with specific challenges. And as the old wisdom saying goes, ‘happy nurse, happy patient’.

Product / Service / Solution:

We believe that the chronic stress that nurses experience is under-studied and more often under-managed by nurses themselves and by their employers. Our app can function as one of the accessible and easy-to-use remedies to help nurses to manage their stress.

Value Proposition:

Customers will derive short, accessible, easy-to-use remedies they can incorporate into their workday to improve their mood on the job. Given the importance of their work in providing direct patient care – the impact of their work could mean happier and more satisfied patients as well.


We would be the Tenzin Norgay’s of wellness apps for nurses; the first to reach the summit. While there are many apps for relaxation, meditation and yoga, we did not find any that specifically designed for nurses or other healthcare providers. Nurses will prefer our app over the other meditation apps as we will provide curated remedies for their specific stressors – such as meditation sessions, yoga poses, calming music, or mantras that are targeted for the emotions and feelings that nurses are having in the moment. We are also nurse researchers with expertise in the nurse workforce – so we claim credibility and expertise. This idea comes from our heart and our combined (over 20+ years) experience as nurses.

Revenue Model:

We will approach the chief nursing officers, a position that represents the broad and plentiful needs of nurses and chief executive officers of hospitals/offices/companies that employee nurses. We will directly target employee health/wellness departments in these large healthcare organizations to purchase the app to make it broadly available to their substantial nurse workforce. As mentioned, in hospitals, close to 80% of all the provider workforce is comprised of nurses; this is a huge, untapped market. A growing number of healthcare organizations now offer meditation and yoga classes to their employees.