Project by: 

Victor Chu

High Concept Statement: 

Pablo is an app that enables anyone with a phone to take, tag and upload newsworthy or noteworthy photos and videos to a platform where media company can find and buy them.




Photo & Video

Need or Demand:

People have content on their phones / social media desired by news media companies, but people rarely actually sell them because there is no easy way of doing it.
News media desires and is willing to pay for newsworthy photos & videos available on people’s smartphones and social media sites but have no easy way to obtain them.

Product / Service / Solution:

Pablo is a platform that provides media companies with content they can’t get, and also content they can get faster, cheaper, and more efficiently. Importantly, Pablo enables people to get paid for photos and videos on their phones and social media sites – this doesn’t exist today. Pablo is the bridge between media companies willing to pay for visual content, and people with visual content that they can sellThe #1 value users will get from Pablo is a very easy way to get paid for their photos and videos.

Value Proposition:

The #1 value Media companies will get is access to content they can’t get, and access to content they can get faster, cheaper, and more efficiently


There are no competitors with significant presence at this time – this is largely an unaddressed market with a clear need which Pablo will fill. We also believe that competition in this space will beneficial for Pablo, for users, and for media companies

Revenue Model:

Pablo will take a ~20% cut of every photo and video purchased by media from the user.