Project by: 

Ian Glennon; Kerem Aslan

High Concept Statement: 

Optimize your street performance returns.





Need or Demand:

There is a lack of a tool for street performers (musicians, dancers, etc.) to objectively measure their performance and make data-driven adjustments to maximize their returns. These people would value a tool that would allow them to easily track metrics around their performances and provide recommendations on how to optimize their income.

Product / Service / Solution:

An app that allows street performers to optimize the revenues they recieve from their performances. The app works by 1) Tracking stats around the musician’s performance and 2) Analyzing these inputs to help the musician target their performances. When the musician performs, they tell the app they are performing, and, if applicable, what routine they are doing. The app automatically records location and time data (time of day, day of week, month). When the musician completes their routine, they stop the app and input the amount of tips they recieved. The app can then provide statistics on when and where the performer makes the most per hour, which performances are the biggest hits and where, and trends in income received (as performer improves their act).

Value Proposition:

While street performers likely have an acquired knowledge of where they should perform, this app allows performers to fully optimize their time and revenue potential. It also allows new performers, unfamiliar with the industry, to more quickly enter the market. Finally, it allows all performers to more easily try new acts, locations, etc. and have a more intimate understanding of their performance results. Bottom line: This will help street performers earn more money.


None identified.

Revenue Model:

We would not charge for the app, however there are 3 potential revenue streams. 1) Charge for additional services (better metrics, suggestions on “hotspots” for performing 2) Add revenue 3) Selling of data to 3rd parties (Think Tanks, Research Centers, Governments, Entertainment companies, etc.)