Project by: 

Lisa Jenkins, Miguel Amador, Christine Sikule, Laurel Stokes,

High Concept Statement: 

The purpose of the Pocket Event Planner app is to bring together all of the components one needs to plan a big or small event, including managing budget, providing checklists so no details are missed, as well as connecting the user with local vendors to provide needed services who have been rated by verified customers.





Need or Demand:

Very few people have experience planning big events before they are thrown into the middle of having to plan one: a destination wedding, a best friend’s baby shower, a milestone birthday, even a memorial service. For anyone new to planning an important event, the experience is overwhelming – there are so many details to keep track of and no apps that bring together everything one needs to plan from beginning to end, from idea for the event all the way to contracting with vendors.

Product / Service / Solution:

The Pocket Event Planner is an app that has standard templates for planning typical events, and takes the user through a step-by-step information gathering process that then produces a checklist customized to their event. However, the Pocket Event Planner takes planning a step further and also connects customers with local vendors that meet their specifications. We connect the user with caterers, bands, venues, florists, and others based on the needs of the event. The user will be sent the vendors who matched their needs – available on the date of the event, able to provide the service requested, able to work within the budget set. The user can then decide if they accept the vendor, enter into contract within the app, and even pay for the services through the app.

Value Proposition:

The primary value customers want to get from this solution is taking the guess work out of planning an event, which is where the stress of planning comes from. Other benefits include: flexibility for users to scale their events based on budget and size; the ability to plan an event from a distance with less worry about what is needed and which vendors are available; reviews of vendors from verified customers.


Currently there are no apps that provide all-in-one functions to help the regular person plan an event from conception all the way through to paying the vendors. Other apps in the market include: • Asana – a team collaboration platform for general project planning and execution. This app assumes you have a team and is aimed at the professional planners. • Bizzabo – marketing themselves as an all in one event success platform, this app is also aimed at the professional planner by helping with building websites, selling tickets, building communities around events, and connecting event attendees through mobile devices. Definitely overkill for the regular person trying to plan their first (and hopefully only) wedding. • Super Planner – aimed at professional event planners, this app provides planning tools to calculate venue capacity, staffing, catering, pricing and gratuities, and other details.

Revenue Model:

• We will charge a finders fee to the local vendors who receive business through the app. This fee will be charged on a per transaction basis at 3% percent of the fee being charged to the customer.

• We may also sell this app to larger event-oriented companies such as the Nest, Real Simple, and Martha Stewart Living.