Project by: 

Thomas Guo

High Concept Statement: 

Reddit for politics with a narrower focus on political activism and civic engagement.





Need or Demand:

Politics is becoming increasingly contentious and people are itching to be more politically active. However, news sites like CNN are too cluttered—it’s hard to stay updated on issues that you care about. That’s why more than half of US adults get news from social media according to Pew, but users face other issues on these sites like the absence of a comprehensive political news feed. People (millennials especially) are frustrated and just want an easy way to stay engaged with politics and get their voice heard.

Product / Service / Solution:

There are two issues here: it’s hard to stay updated on political issues and it’s even harder to get your voice heard. A politics focused discussion platform (think Reddit) solves both of these problems. Users can subscribe to specific topics and locations that they are interested in, so they don’t drown in the constant barrage of news that they aren’t interested in (for example, I can subscribe to political news only about immigration and what is happening in my state). Users can also directly engage with representatives through the platform, which provides relevant communication information for every news article (an article about a recent bill passed in your state will have the phone number, twitter, etc. of state representatives you can contact to voice your opinion) and polls. Politihacks will make users knowledgeable and empowered.

Value Proposition:

Politihacks’s value to users is helping them stay engaged in politics by informing them about issues they care about and providing a channel to act on these issues.


The biggest competition is social media platforms like Reddit and Facebook where users frequently find political news. Politihacks is better than Facebook because it provides a dedicated political news feed. It’s also better than politically focused subreddits on Reddit because users can better tailor content towards their interests. Most importantly, there is a dimension of civic engagement that is completely absent from Reddit and Facebook. Politihacks promotes political activism by giving users a channel to representatives.

Revenue Model:

Like most social media platforms, Politihacks will make money through advertisements and monetization of data. Politihacks’s platform offers valuable insight into political trends and issues that voters care about.