Project by: 

Sachin Bhargava

High Concept Statement: 

Political Activism at Your Fingertips




Social Networking

Need or Demand:

I believe there are people who have a desire to be more involved in civic duty: electing & communicating with their political officials, affecting policy decisions, organizing to protest, registering to vote or run for office themselves. These are just some examples of the need we have in present times for a more fair system of government where all voices are heard, equally. With a surge in protest activity post-election, the USA political system is ripe for disruption and for ‘we the people’ to not only be a phrase that empowers, but also a call-to-action to rise up and live up to it.

Product / Service / Solution:

These needs can be fulfilled by providing a platform that easily funnels people/citizens to the required action they wish to perform: resist, organize, and rise. A simple portal which connects individual users to their elected officials and fellow Americans.

Use Facebook Login to access app and verify user by inviting and getting approved by 3 friends who verify users identity (to reduce fraud). Once app is open and user is verified:
– Resist: Contact elected officials using a log with geo-targeting & full info phone / social media, create / endorse / sign petitions, find town halls by your location, voting history by rep and upcoming votes so users can lobby officials.
– Organize: Coordinate with friends and register voters, run voting initiatives to get people to polls, find voting locations, etc. Donate money to ACLU and other charitable organizations through app. If witness to hate crime, be able to capture video and upload straight to social media.
– Rise: Mobilize fellow citizens into action – geo-target and create protest locations and get endorsed by fellow users to build movement. Find out how and run for office in your location. Find volunteer opportunities. Build like-minded groups that engage on same issues to drive action and interest in important problems.

Value Proposition:

For citizens of the USA, who have specific issues with lack of political engagement and inability to partake in easy way, we provide the solution with PolitiRise. It will benefit users by putting in one place, a convenient way to engage with elected officials and impact policy while also staying informed and creating real change. Unlike other apps that only focus on one piece of the problem or haphazardly set it up, we offer a streamlined approach that’s stylistically simple and to the point. People want to take action, we provide the means to do so in a meaningful way.


Very limited competition and they all focus on parts of the issue but not a way to tie it all together: icitizen, voices political advocacy, mobilize, wegov, do something, etc

They are all handling one part of the solution, such as calling elected officials – but users need a way to do that plus other things such as organize a protest and meet at that officials town hall to question or lobby with a group of concerned fellow citizens.

Revenue Model:

Open to suggestion on revenue model but essentially there are a few ways to do this:

– pay per download: $1.99 app download, in-app all is free to use
– freemium: can download free but have ads and some content but need to pay $1.99 to access all parts
– free with in-app purchase: free to download and have access to all functions, but have to pay to create services: $1 to create /organize protest, $1 to start a petition, etc
– subscription model: $0.50 to represent the 50 states / month so overall cost of civic duty is $6 / year. Or a simple $1 / year.
– pay per election cycle: one year run up to the midterm and 4-year election will be $10 unlimited access for 12 month or $6 for 6 month.